The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask. – Nancy Newhall

Did you know Minnesota has a mountain range? Situated along the picturesque North Shore, the Sawtooth Mountains are a range of low, serrated ridges rising from Lake Superior. They received their name as a result of their uniform size, angles, and regularity of spacing that, when seen from Lake Superior, literally resemble the teeth of a saw.

The Sawtooth Mountains extend down to the Lake Superior shore and create spectacular lakefront bluffs, including Silver Cliff, Castle Danger, Palisade Head, and Shovel Point. As well, many gorgeous rivers cut through the Sawtooth Mountains on their way to Lake Superior including the Gooseberry, Baptism, Temperance, and Brule Rivers.

Hoping to spot some critters on your tour? The Sawtooth Mountains have them! Along with many species of birds, you might get lucky and spot: